Thai Triangle 2-Pack

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Quality and authentic Thai triangle pillows are made with rice straw. Triangles are hard not soft.  Without rice straw construction, the triangle will quickly begin to sag and lose shape with use. We guarantee our triangles are made with rice straw. We sell our Thai triangles in 2-Packs, so choose your favorite colors below.

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Dimensions: Length 20″ Length x 12″ Wide x 11″ High

  • We guarantee our triangles are filled with 100% new, organic kapok. No other manufacturer can truthfully make that guarantee.
  • We guarantee our triangles are made with traditional rice straw for strength and durability
  • We guarantee all our pillows and mats are upon delivery, free of any mold, mildrew or pests.
  • Our triangles are hard and durable. Not soft and sqeeshy!
  • Our triangles are double-stitched for strength. They will not burst open.

A Quality Tutorial for Thai Triangles

New Top-Grade Kapok. We guarantee new, top-grade kapok in all our triangle pillows. No other seller can truthfully make that guarantee.

Kapok comes from the giant seeds of the kapok tree which grow abundantly in Thailand. Our kapok is new, recently harvested and organic. We do not use recycled kapok because it is unsanitary and has lost its fluff due to moisture. We purchase the highest quality kapok in Thailand. We are the only manufacturer of Thai mats and pillows that uses new high-quality kapok. The others all use recycled fill.

Old, dirty, wet mats can pile up for months before their kapok is recycled. We are the only manufacturer to guarantee your mat will be filled with 100% new, organic, high grade kapok.

Ricestraw Construction. Ricestraw is a critical building block of triangles because it gives the pillow strength to maintain its form. Without rice straw, a triangle pillow will quickly begin to sag. We guarantee our triangles are made with rice straw construction.

In the above photo you can see rice straw inserted into triangle pillows during construction. Without this traditional building block, your pillow will sag and be inferior.

Double Cross-Hatched Stitching

We’ve been double cross-hatch stitching by hand the fill seams of our products since day one. Our products rarely burst open at the seams due to weak construction.

Quality = Good Fabric

We use a 50/50% cotton/polyester blended Kit design fabric which is a heavier than most manufacturers use. (Kit design fabric is not manufactured in 100% cotton and anyone claiming their Thai pillows are made from 100% cotton fabric is misrepresenting the truth.)

Care Instructions

You can spot clean your Thai Pillows with a sponge.  For spills or stains, use warm water with a mild detergent and sponge the affected area. Rinse by sponging with cool water. We recommend once or twice a year to put your Thai pillows outside in the afternoon sun to rid excess moisture buildup.


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