Jomtong Fisherman Pants: Ruby

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These Thai fisherman pants are made from handwoven, Jomtong fabric. The fabric weight is medium which makes the pants great to wear on a cool evening.

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Our Thai Fisherman Pants – Jomtong Style!

  • These fisherman pants are cut to best fit a medium to small sized woman.
  • 100% Handwoven Jomtong Cotton – medium weight
  • Double-Stitched Seams
  • Large waist tie strings for durability


How To Wear

  1. Put Fish pants on with ties to the back.
  2. Pull up to waist and with one hand pull the waist fabric to one side of your hips. Take this extra fabric, hold it outward at your hip, and fold the extra fabric toward your tummy. In other words, make the fabric fit your waist.
  3. Grab the ties from the back and bring around and tie the pants at your waist.
  4. Take the fabric above the ties and wrap it down over the ties covering them.
  5. Adjust for comfort



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