Our Quality Guarantees

 New Organic Kapok Guarantee

We guarantee all of our mats, mattresses and pillows are made with 100% NEW & top grade, organic kapok. We do not fill our products with recycled kapok. New kapok not only has the best resiliency and “fluff factor”; it also has the lightest weight due to its low moisture content.

Recycled kapok is dirty and has sat for months in unsanitary piles before being reused for pillows and mats. (See photo below)

Thai pillows and mats are made in a rural farm environment. Used kapok can sit for months in this wet, humid climate and is a perfect host for pests and bugs. Dirt, leaf debris, twigs, etc can also easily mix with used kapok as it it salvaged. Used kapok is much cheaper and easier to find than new, organic kapok. That’s why House of Thailand is the only manufacturer of Thai mats and pillows to guarantee their products are made with new organic kapok.

 Rice Straw Guarantee

We manufacture all our triangle pillows and folding pillows using traditional rice straw for structure and strength.

Triangle pillows must be made with rice straw to give you years of durability. (See photo below) Without rice straw, a triangle or folding pillow will begin to sag and lose shape quickly. Most other manufacturers use no rice straw in their folding/triangle pillows. Some even stuff their triangles with old newspapers to mimic rice straw.

In the above photo you can see rice straw inserted into triangle pillows during construction. Without this traditional building block, your pillow will sag and be inferior.


At House of Thailand we have obtained all the necessary import permits to legally offer you traditional rice straw Thai pillows. No other manufacturer can make that claim.

 Pest Free-Bug Free-Mold Free-Mildew Free Product Guarantee

Because we use new kapok and control the manufacturing process from start to finish, we can guarantee that upon delivery, our products will be pest free, bug free, mold free, mildew free. We are also a legal, permitted importer of Thai pillows/mats into the United States and follow all required import protocols which allows us to make this important guarantee.