About Us

Sometimes I’m swimming in Thai pillows. Here, I’m at our warehouse in Thailand getting a shipment ready for import.

Sa-wad-dee Ka,

I’m Jenny the owner of House of Thailand.  And thanks for shopping at my webstore! I’m proud to offer you the finest Thai mats, mattresses & pillows from my country.

Yes, I’m Thai and from Lamphun Province. My grandparents and parents slept on Thai mats. Our old home always had triangle pillows, folding pillows and meditation pillows scattered about the house. As kids, when we all went to our town’s wat (a Buddhist temple) we’d see the monks using Thai pillows and mats. Thai pillows have always been a part of my life.

We are now in our 11th year of business. Thank you for our success.

I’m (on the left) shopping for Thai silk to make pillows with. Helping me measure is our Chief Pillow Maker, Muoi (on the right).

We make our pillows from start to finish. We do not order our pillows from a wholesaler. We oversee the entire pillow/mat making process and have many quality control checks throughout the manufacturing process. For me, making Thai pillows and mats is personal.

Please browse around our new website. And please read “Pillow Talk: An Information Resource” that we wrote for anyone interested in Thai pillows & mats.

Sometimes you’ll find Thai pillows elsewhere that are cheaper. But you’ll never find better quality Thai pillows than here at my store. Always remember: We use new, organic kapok-other pillow sellers can’t say that truthfully; We inspect for quality control at every stage of pillow making-other sellers have nothing to do with manufacturing and just buy from a wholesaler. We guarantee our products to be free of all mold, mildew and pests upon delivery to you.


A Tradition of The Finest Thai Pillows