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Meditation Mats. Brown & Creme

Our Price: $87.99
  • Buddhist Prayer Mats
  • Kapok Filling
  • Our Guaranty

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3 Meditation Mats for $87.99 ($29.33 per mat)

  • Dimensions: 20" Across x 20" Length x 2.5" Thick
  • 100% Traditional kapok filling
  • Very Durable-will last for years

Thai meditation mats are common throughout Thailand and have many uses. They're firmly filled with traditional kapok and are great for kneeling or sitting. These are large meditation mats at 20" x 20" and are almost twice as big as a 15" x 15" mat. Use them on a chair, in the car, on the sofa, or take them to the wat. My cat loves to curl up on mine and snooze. -Jenny

Kapok is a natural, cotton-like fiber that comes from the giant pods of the kapok tree. Kapok trees grow abundantly throughout Thailand. (Please see our tab "Pillow Talk" for photos and more info on kapok and Thai pillowry.) Kapok is the traditional fill for Thai pillows and mats, and has been used for centuries. Kapok is hypo-allergenic, very resililent, and is considered a premium fill. We use only new kapok in our mats. Our kapok is completely natural and has no chemicals or processing of any type

We offer you a 14-day money back guarantee if you wish to return you purchase to us. Please see details in "Shipping & Returns: FAQ". Customer service is #1 with us.

Sa-wad-dee Ka,

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